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Turning the television planet flat on its head, The Flintstones turned the initial animated strike series in key time heritage. Set while in the Stone Age town of Bedrock, the clearly show explored the life of historic cave dwellers from the lens of a modern Life style, with chicken beaks performing as phonograph needles, elephant trunks as vacuum cleaners, and fireflies as mild bulbs. With its measured usage of prime-grade humor and intelligent visuals, The Flintstones grew to become An immediate smash hit – spawning many years of syndicated re-operates, spin-offs, and A huge number of spinoff goods

Loosely modeled once the hit display The Honeymooners, The Flintstones follows the lives of burly loudmouth Fred Flintstone (who may have a coronary heart of gold) and his spouse Wilma (who places up with him). The pair life next doorway to finest pals Barney and Betty Rubble, and they've got a Canine (a dinosaur) named Dino to keep them organization. Adhering to within the footsteps of reveals including I Love Lucy, the exhibit’s people are generally inventing hair-brained schemes, trying to address up minimal white lies, or participating in some other type of habits sure to get them in difficulties. The Flintstones also functions numerous cameo appearances parodying famous personalities from your early-sixties From the exhibit’s later many years, Every single couple would increase a kid to the combo with Fred & Wilma acquiring Pebbles (somewhat Lady) and Barney & Betty adopting Bamm-Bamm (a little boy)

The Flintstones DVD functions several hilarious episodes including the time premiere “The Flintstone Flyer” during which Fred pretends for being sick so he and Barney might get away from visiting the opera with Wilma and Betty. Escaping of their Stone Age helicopter, the two go bowling, but it isn’t extended right before Barney spills the beans on the things they definitely did Other noteworthy episodes from Season 1 include “The Swimming Pool” through which Fred and Barney build a pool together only to have it strain their friendship, and “Hollyrock, Below I Appear” by which Betty and Wilma gain a trip to Hollyrock as being a tv game exhibit prize

Under is a summary of episodes provided on The Flintstones (Year one) DVD:


Episode one (The Flintstone Flyer) Air Date: 09-thirty-1960

Episode 2 (Hot Lips Hannigan) Air Day: ten-07-1960

Episode 3 (The Swimming Pool) Air Date: 10-14-1960

Episode four (No Assist Preferred) Air Day: 10-21-1960

Episode 5 (The Break up Character) Air Day: 10-28-1960

Episode 6 (The Monster through the Tar Pits) Air Day: eleven-04-1960


Episode 7 (The Babysitters) Air Day: eleven-eleven-1960

Episode 8 (In the Races) Air Day: eleven-18-1960

Episode 9 (The Engagement Ring) Air Day: 11-twenty five-1960

Episode 10 (Hollyrock, Below I Occur) Air Day: twelve-02-1960

Episode 11 (The Golfing Winner) Air Day: 12-09-1960


Episode twelve (The Sweepstakes Ticket) Air Date: 12-sixteen-1960

Episode thirteen (The Push-in) Air Day: 12-23-1960

Episode 14 (The Prowler) Air Date: twelve-thirty-1960

Episode fifteen (The Girls Evening Out) Air Date: 01-06-1961

Episode 16 (Arthur Quarry’s Dance Class) Air Date: 01-thirteen-1961

Episode seventeen (The Big Bank Robbery) Air Day: 01-twenty-1961

Episode 18 (The Snorkasaurus Hunter) Air Day: 01-27-1961

Episode 19 (The new Piano) Air dragon city hacked apk download Date: 02-03-1961

Episode twenty (The Hypnotist) Air Date: 02-ten-1961

Episode 21 (Appreciate Letters to the Rocks) Air Date: 02-seventeen-1961

Episode 22 (The Tycoon) Air Day: 02-24-1961

Episode 23 (The Astra’ Nuts) Air Day: 03-04-1961

Episode 24 (The Extensive, Extensive Weekend) Air Date: 03-10-1961

Episode twenty five (Inside the Dough) Air Date: 03-17-1961

Episode 26 (The great Scout) Air Date: 03-24-1961

Episode 27 (Rooms for Hire) Air Date: 03-31-1961

Episode 28 (Fred Flintstone: Ahead of and Soon after) Air Day: 04-07-1961